Economic society "Yovshan" 

Our mission:

To promote in preservation of Health of the Person.

Our values:

  • The person – our highest value: the client, the partner, the employee.
  • Professionalism and competence.
  • Aspiration to perfection and introduction of innovations – the keystone to success and prosperity in the future.
  • Honesty and trust – a guarantee of the highest quality and availability.
  • The individual and creative approach to the decision of any problems.

Here already more than 14 years employees of "Yovshan"  try to improve life of those who counts on us.

The highest value for us from the moment of creation is the Person: the client, the partner, the employee.

Health is the most valuable that is at the person, and the decision of problems on protection and maintenance of health in the conditions of the modern, constantly changing world becomes a priority. For this reason ХО "Yovshan" directs all efforts to that applying innovations and using global resources, on improvements of health and state of health of people at each stage of life. We aspire to establish the high quality standards and safety of all production offered by us.

The diversificated portfolio of products of the company includes preparations of known world companies Pharmagarant - Germany, Bofur Ipsen Indastri- France, joint-stock company "Jadran"  Galensky Laboratories – Harvatija, Vitabiotix – Great Britain, L.t.d "LMP" - Latvia and a number of others well-known all over the world the companies (Merz Pharma GmbH and Co KGaA – Germany, Dentinox Gesellschaft für Pharmazeutische Präparate Lenk and Schuppan KG - Germany, ESPARMA GmbH Germany, Bausch and Lomb Incorporated - the USA).

Economy society "Yovshan" - structure includes some departments:

Sales department through which retail trade (a drugstore, a delivery service of medical preparations) and wholesale realization of medical products, cosmetic means and the goods on leaving in a commercial network and tender deliveries is carried out.

The logistical service, has in the park automobile and passenger-and-freight vehicles.

Advancement department in which competence representation of interests of partners in various structures in territory of Turkmenistan, the analysis of a consumer demand and advancement in the market of products of partners enters.

The registration department carries out support of registration and support of the procedures connected with it in competent bodies in territory of Turkmenistan.

In cooperation with our partners, the company to aspire to provide as much as possible favorable conditions for distribution and penetration the market to preparations of partners.

Thanks to joint efforts lately, it has been registered and deduced on the market of Turkmenistan more than 300 high quality, innovative preparations.

Annually our company takes active part in the international medical exhibitions, representing interests and production of our partner companies-manufacturers from the European countries. Besides the company promotes carrying out and the organization of scientifically practical (thematic) conferences and seminars. Thanks to presence of professional staff of medical representatives, the company spends wide promotion work to the environment of the medical public.

Employees of "Yovshan" direct all efforts to improving health of millions compatriots, providing with their safe, effective innovative medical products. Besides, aspire to present in the market the best products of the partner companies-manufacturers.

Successfully to satisfy requirements of patients and clients of the company, we constantly improve business-dealing methods, we watch a transparency of activity of the company and necessarily we consider opinions of experts in the field of public health services in decision-making process. We are firmly assured what to provide the guaranteed access of the population to the newest medical products and qualitative medicine it is possible only by the organization of teamwork with all links of system of public health services — from manufacturers to doctors and from doctors to patients.

Only together, we can improve health of people and make their life more happily!


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