Economic society "Yovshan" 

Our mission:

Assistance in Maintenance of human health!

Our values:

  • The person – our highest value: the client, the partner, the employee.
  • Professionalism and competence.
  • Pursuit of perfection and innovations implementation - key to success and prosperity in the future.
  • Honesty and trust – a guarantee of the highest quality and availability.
  • The individual and creative approach to the decision of any problems.

It’s already more than 20 years, within which our “Yovshan” team try to improve life of those patients, who rely on us.

From the commencement of our activity we consider Human as our highest value. It can be a client, partner of the employee.

Health is the most valuable thing a person has, and solving the problems of protecting and maintaining health in a modern, constantly changing world becomes a priority task. That is why ES "Yovshan" directs all its efforts, using  innovations and global resources - to improve a health and well-being of people at every stage of life. We strive to set high standards of quality and safety in all products we offer.


The diversificated portfolio of products of the company includes preparations of known world companies Merz Pharma - Germany, B Braun- Germany, joint-stock company "Jadran"  Galensky Laboratories – Croatia, Medochemie - Cyprus and a number of other well-known all over the world the companies (Dentinox Gesellschaft für Pharmazeutische Präparate Lenk and Schuppan KG - Germany, Dr KADE Germany, Sanochemia Pharmazeutika AG - Austria, Cho-A Pharm Ltd - South Korea).

The structure of the Yovshan pharmacy includes several departments:

The sales department, through which retail trade (pharmacy, medical delivery service) and wholesale of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and care products are carried out to the commercial network and tender supplies.

The logistics service, which has passenger and cargo vehicles in its fleet.

Marketing Department, which is responsible for representing the interests of partners in various authorities on the territory of Turkmenistan; for analyzing consumer demands and promoting partners' products in the market.

The registration department, which carries our full registration of medicines and medical devices in Registration Center of Turkmenistan MOH.

In cooperation with our partners, the company strives to provide the most favorable conditions for the distribution and market penetration of the partners' drugs.

Thanks to joint efforts, more than 300 high-quality, innovative drugs have recently been registered and introduced to the market of Turkmenistan.

Every year our company takes an active part in international medical exhibitions, representing the interests and products of our partners – different companies from Europe and other countries. In addition to this, our company assists in the execution and organization of scientific and practical (thematic) conferences and seminars. Thanks to the presence of a professional staff of medical representatives, the company conducts a wide promotional work among the medical community.

Employees of ES Yovshan are directing all their efforts to improve the health of millions of compatriots, providing them with safe, effective innovative medicines. In addition, our team strive to present the best products of our manufacturer – partners to the market.

In order to successfully meet the needs of patients and clients of our pharmacy - we are constantly improving our business methods, we are looking after the transparent activities of our company and definitely taking into account the opinions of healthcare professionals in the decision-making process. We are firmly confident in the concept, which indicates that guaranteed access of the population to the latest and high-quality medicines is possible only by organizing joint work of all parts of the healthcare system - from manufacturers to doctors and from doctors to patients.

Only together, we can improve health of people and make their life more happily!


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