How to issue the order

Goods choice.

Variant 1. On page to "Partners" follow the link «to place the order» on page with the final list of preparations and the goods.

Variant 2. Enter the goods name in a window "Search" in the right part of page. The list of the positions corresponding to your inquiry will be offered you.

If you have questions, please call to the operator by phone

+993 12 973255.

Goods premise in a basket.

Having chosen the goods which have pleasant to you, put down quantity of packing’s and press the button (to add in a basket). The goods will automatically attach to a basket. The quantity of the goods which you can put in the basket, is not limited.

Order registration.

For order registration pass in a basket.

For this purpose:
Follow the link to "Order", located in the right top corner, in block "Basket". See its contents. You can change quantity of copies of the goods in a basket, add or remove desirable positions. Definitively having defined with the demand, it is necessary to fill the form and to press button "Order".

The coordination of the order and time of delivery of the goods.

Order delivery is carried out in day of the order (at registration of the order to 13:00 day of the order) or till 13:00 next day (at registration of the order after 13:00 day of the order)
After sending of the demand the operator of the Delivery service will preliminary contact by you by phone for specification of details. Also you can independently contact with operator of a delivery service +993 
12 973255.

Goods delivery.

Delivery within Ashgabat is carried out free of charge. Our couriers deliver the order directly to the specified address.

Delivery for limits of Ashgabat is paid for carrier tariffs.

Goods reception.

Attentively consider the goods, be convinced of absence of visible mechanical damages. Remember that claims on appearance of the goods delivered to you, you can show only at the moment of delivery.

If the goods suit you, you pay the order or give out in appropriate way the issued power of attorney, sign the account the invoice on delivery. After that, the courier gives you a full package of documents.

Order of return and exchange of the goods.

You can refuse the goods delivered to you in following cases:

  • The goods  delivered to you do not correspond to the ordered;
  • The goods are damaged owing to infringement of integrity of packing.

The goods can be returned only at the moment of delivery.

We wish you successful purchases!

Delivery service phone: +993 12 973255.


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Accountant +993 (12) 97 32 54
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